B is for Books – The Alphabet Imaginarium

B is for Books - The Alphabet Imaginarium by Vera Ciria

Photo by Anna Morago

B is for books, a world of escape and magic. Each story contained within the pages, each character waiting to be discovered. Old favourites to be read time and time again. The smell of fresh print, the odour of older tomes. A quietness and calm, a quickening of the senses.

Books are present in our lives since the very beginning. Memories of parents reading bedtime stories, afternoons spent pouring over the colourful images. Sounding out the first words, feeling the world crack open as more and more meaning arrived with the process of learning more vocabulary.

With B is for books, we pay tribute to all those books that have accompanied us along the way. To the authors who have toiled and sweated to create such infinite magic. The designers who create such glorious covers. Without forgetting the publishers who decide to take a chance and print a story.

I can barely stand to enter a bookstore, I know I won’t be able to leave empty-handed. I get lost for hours inside, trying to discern which book to take home. The shiver of anticipation, cracking open the cover, inhaling the scent. A smell that calms me immediately, to the point that I usually carry a book around in stressful situations and take covert whiffs like a junkie. I can’t imagine a life without books. My biggest fear is a fire, losing all the books that I have amassed during 35 years.

An opportunity to grow, a chance to learn and discover. Each book adds an extra layer to my life. As I’ve mentioned previously, I will only read one book at a time. A book demands my full attention and I can’t possibly scatter my reading moment among many. I also can’t start another book immediately, I usually wait a week. I need time to assimilate the loss when a book ends.

A faithful companion, a mode of transport. The doorway to many worlds. Each book, each story captivating and magical. This is why our B is for books.

We’ve decided to launch two letters per week as people are anxious to know what each new letter will reveal. I’m deeply touched by everyone and their feedback, it seems we’ve struck a chord in people’s busy lives. So every Monday and Thursday you will have a new letter. You can follow here on the blog, on Facebook and Instagram. And if you want to just see the images each week, you can follow The Alphabet Imaginarium directly!

Check out the rest of the letters in The Alphabet Imaginarium!

3 replies
  1. Inga
    Inga says:

    Totalmente compartido tu punto de verlos y vivirlos; los libros han sido perros-lazarillo en mi idioma y en los nuevos aprendizajes. Es lo que permite obtener vocabulario y llaves a más puertas y más libros, sonrisas por coincidir con un título favorito con alguien, compartir un autor o una cita… Siempre tuve la sensación de haber viajado y vivido mil vidas por haber leído tantas cosas. Ahora sé que es como tener un bolso de Hermione que se tiene dentro y subconcientemente saca el recuerdo de algo leído para entender algo vivido. Bravo por el artículo!

    • Vera Ciria
      Vera Ciria says:

      La verdad que no se que haría sin los libros. Desde muy pequeña han sido mis fieles aliados, historias y mundos por descubrir. Nada mejor que una tarde lluviosa, una manta y ¡un buen libro! Gracias por tus comentarios, Inga.

      • Inga
        Inga says:

        Aquí estoy, “fent el salt” a los libros con tu post xD mi último iniciado es “Mahabharata” en versión infantil, edición rusa de los años 70, emotivo prólogo de URSS xD
        Gracias por dar motivo a su nacimiento, sin ideas no hay comentarios!


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