The Alphabet Imaginarium – Sneak Peak

the alphabet imaginarium - making of

A lull in the madness. A much-needed calm. After months of working non-stop, 14 to 16 hours a day, client after client, juggling projects, realizing you have to pee, realizing four hours later that you still haven’t gone to pee and you’ve swallowed another litre of water. Rushing between meetings, answering phone calls, answering emails, assuaging fears, holding hands. Freelance existence is so disconcerting at times. It always seems to be everything at once and then nothing at all. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

With the quiet comes a time to update, take care of everything else that has been left on the back-burner for months. A time to gather all the post-its with hastily scrawled ideas for the future. A time to sift through ideas and see if anything could possibly take hold. A bit of brainstorming and one idea keeps shining. In just a few weeks, hopefully around the start of March, a new project will be launched.

the alphabet imaginarium - making of

A personal project this time, The Alphabet Imaginarium. Together with photographer Anna Morago, we are creating an alphabet of things that provoke an emotional reaction, things that are special and dear to us. Things that inspire us, things that we love.

The Alphabet Imaginarium - Vermut

These are just a few photos I snapped while Anna was working her magic with her camera, I can barely believe how beautiful her images are. After an initially brainstorming to gather 26 ideas to accompany the 26 letters of The Alphabet Imaginarium, we prepared all the necessary props and in three photo sessions managed to capture the 26 ideas. Some were very easy, some resisted, some ideas transformed throughout the process.

The Alphabet Imaginarium - Photography

This has been such a unique opportunity. The chance to do something purely for fun and to play. To stretch our creativity and see where each idea would lead us. To giggle endless and learn from each other. Even though it was lovely fun, we faced the project in the same manner we would for a client, with deadlines, emails and meetings. So I’m grateful for the lull. More information soon!

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