A is for Apples – The Alphabet Imaginarium

a is for apples - alphabet imaginarium - vera ciria

A is for apples, so juicy and flavourful. So perfect and versatile. Refreshing on a warm summer day, a comforting and warm embrace baked in a crumble in winter. Popping with colour and vitality, keeping the doctor away, crunchy and crisp, an explosion of sensation for the tongue.

An apple evokes a tempest of emotions, a simple fruit that we normally meet in childhood. The smell, texture and taste awaken the senses, adding energy to our daily lives.

With A is for apples, The Alphabet Imaginarium is now launched into the world. The idea initially reared its’ head in summer 2015 and had been constantly asking for attention since. So in February 2016, photographer Anna Morago and I sat down to start brainstorming. 26 images to accompany 26 letters, each with significant meaning in our lives. After so much client work, it was nice to take advantage of the lull and create something personal.

Practically all of the skills we usually reserve for clients were put to the test, from photography to prop styling, strategy and planning to project management. We decided on a tight deadline to ensure that we would get things done and stuck to our guns, completing the project in a month. Working as a freelance means work can be uncertain at times, periods of utter work madness will segue into worrying breaks where tumbleweeds seem to be ever present, accompanied by the thought that things have dried up and we’ll never work again! In the end, the madness always does starts up.

This is our celebration of life and emotions. A show of gratitude to the slow moments that allow us to sit back and relax, take a break and recharge. An awareness of what is important, what moves us, an intimate gesture to share with the world.

Each week, we will launch a new letter, a project spanning 26 weeks. I’ll be posting each letter here on my blog, on Facebook and Instagram. And if you want to just see the images each week, you can follow The Alphabet Imaginarium directly! Hope you enjoy. Can you guess what next week’s B is for? Hint: it’s terribly easy!

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