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This is Live Communication

Events are the most powerful tool of live communication. There are many elements involved in the creation of a great communication strategy, with a clear aim to highlight the values of a brand and its message, starting with style and tone, solid research, to then establish objectives. A complex process that requires dedication and creativity, from the initial concept to all of the necessary work involved in transforming the idea into an event that connects with your audience.

How things have changed in a short time! Live events have taken a back seat for the moment. Formats previously intended for live events simply do not work online. Online events are a whole new ballgame, leading us to evaluate everything we learned, analysing every detail and adapting. How do we create meaningful connections in a format that is considered cold and distant? We have immersed ourselves in the world of online events to learn as much as possible, in order to start creating content with a clear focus on purpose and goals, to ensure that attendees have an enriching experience.

As event planners, we create and guide your live communication actions. Starting with your initial briefing, we work side by side with you, analyzing each element of the event, creating content and making each piece of the puzzle fit, in order to reach your goals. We create events that leave lasting impressions, that impact and provoke reactions, that transmit values, knowing that your audience receives, understands, and feels your message. We work for companies (B2C) and for other agencies (B2B), but above all we work with and for people (H2H). We guide and lead the values of your company, creating exceptional solutions and developing exclusive strategies.

The age-old question: what makes something beautiful? And is beauty superficial? What do we even mean by beautiful? We understand beautiful as something magical, visually stimulating, that offers a narrative, a moment of contemplation and a break from our busy lives. You know what you’re aiming for and we can make the idea take form. From styling for campaigns and branding, photoshoots to floral arrangements, we love pulling together elusive elements to create a new picture. You know that feeling. That sharp intake of breath, the dizzy moment as your eyes feast upon what is unfolding in front of you. We use creativity to bring purpose and value to your idea. Nothing is too weird or wonderful, the key is always in the details.

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