event planner in barcelona
Creating amazing event experiences
Beautiful communication to engage
event planner in barcelona
Branding concepts that make an impact
Events that leave a lasting impression
event planner in barcelona
A tu Vera means By Your Side


Planning an event can seem overwhelming. There are so many factors that need to come together to ensure an amazing experience. Starting with your initial brief, we work side by side with you, taking care of all those puzzle pieces so you won’t have to worry about a thing. As event planners, we deal with small-scale productions, including planning, management, and creativity, to large events with hundreds of attendees. We are truly passionate about events and incredibly organised!

Creative Production

You have an idea and we can bring it to life. Or maybe the idea doesn’t even exist yet. But you probably know what you need, what you’re aiming for. We work by your side throughout the creative process to ensure you understand everything and see the results you need. From creative consultancy to conceptualizing, we can help a little or a lot. From sourcing locations to stitching together the perfect creative teams, adding beauty to each concept through styling and production to dealing with logistics, we are passionate about your message.


Weird and wonderful, copywriting involves so much more than just cobbling together words and sentences. There are many elements involved in creating a great communication strategy, starting with research to understand the concept, highlighting brand values and your message, deciding on a style and tone, setting goals. A process that is intricate, requiring dedication and creativity. Taking a concept and transforming the idea into engaging text that connects with your audience involves a keen intuition to grasp the style and brand values.

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