Tips to Survive Summer as a Freelance in Barcelona

survive summer as a freelance in barcelona

 Non-stop activity during the year? Don’t go crazy in summer.

It seems like we spend all year waiting for summer. But I have to admit that I find it highly overrated, especially in Barcelona. Every year I completely forget how much summer gets on my nerves. I know I’m not the only one! Let’s discuss some ideas to avoid losing your cool in the hottest months of the year.

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Pluja of Links – June 2016

Finally summer is here! The warm promise of longer days, endless evenings spent with friends, and the alluring escape of vacation. A time to have fun, to relax and enjoy. A month filled with events and music festivals. Barcelona in June is perfect, still not too hot. So between planning that long-awaited holiday, here are a few links to marvel and dream.

Have you seen the graphic work by Annie Atkins? Absolutely amazing. Watch this video to know more.

nike air day still life

Absolutely love this series of still lifes by High Snobiety for Nike. Wish more brands would go out on a limb to create something different.

Absolutely love Kourtney Roy’s images. Very filmic and haunting.

Joël Penkman paints mouthwatering food, because in his own words, “I love food and I love to paint, so combining the two seemed like a good idea”.

How great is it when people do creative stuff with food? Set designer Nicole Heffron and photographer Henry Hargreaves bring us “Celebrated for You“, a series of creative birthday meals for legendary filmmakers.

Grabr is so fantastic it almost gives me a headache. Need something from another country? Through Grabr you can contact travellers passing through who will bring you what you need.

Aleksandra Kingo’s images are popping with colour and are fantastic.

Sensual and magical, paintings by Soey Milk are incredible. Her Instagram account is pretty great too!

Museum of Brands and Packaging in London, definitely on the wish list for the next visit.

I want these! I wanted these when I was little!

The FIDM Museum in Los Angeles now has their collection online to consult. Such a great tool!

More links coming your way in July!

Picnic Restaurant in Borne

Picnic Restaurant Barcelona

Yes, there are so many new places to try in Barcelona, sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming. Every week sees the launch of a new foodie haven in the city. But sometimes you just want a tried and tested classic, someone that has been around the block a few times. A place you can depend on, the perfect spot for a weekend brunch.

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Y is for Yoga – The Alphabet Imaginarium

Y is for Yoga - The Alphabet Imaginarium

Photo by Anna Morago and mind-numbing posture by Sandra Arnaiz

Y is for Yoga, such a necessary practise in our busy lives. A time and space to disconnect from the noise. A quiet calm to search inside. A stretching of the body and mind. A fluid circle of breathing and consciousness.

How else to deal with all the stress and noise? To block out the distractions and reconnect with yourself? How to stop the anxiety and pressure? With life moving faster and faster, the constant distractions clamouring for your attention, no wonder we get a little crazy. If you don’t already practise yoga, then this might be the answer.

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W is for Writing – The Alphabet Imaginarium

W is for Writing - The Alphabet Imaginarium

Photo by Anna Morago and lovely calligraphy by Laura Meseguer

W is for Writing, such a complex and interesting process. So filled with nuances and emotions. So many different ways to place thoughts and concepts on a blank page. Writing bares the soul and lays open the heart.

Writing has so many varied facets. From old-school banging out words on a typewriter to more sophisticated keyboards on our gleaming computer and phones. From achingly beautiful calligraphy to hand-written scribbles, writing is a part of who we are as humans.

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