Weird and wonderful, copywriting involves more than writing. Taking a concept and transforming the idea into engaging texts that connect with your audience. There are people skills to be taken into consideration; extensive research to understand the concept; determining the style and tone. I dive deep into each project, splitting open my skin, becoming vulnerable in order to connect with the emotional aspects of each narrative.


Working with words may seem two-dimensional, a flat surface, either paper or screen, with the emotional volume occurring through the imagination. But emotional narratives can also be created through visual stimulation, images filled with meaning, new worlds that unfold. I work with props to create unique images, creating and managing communication projects to better convey a specific message and values.


One of the things that I enjoy most in life is reading, especially novels. But a well-written magazine or web article is also a thing of beauty. Peeling back the layers of a life, getting to know what makes a person, company, or project unique. Carrying out research, Sherlock Holmes-style, to tease out the details to create an entertaining story. Writing the puzzle pieces into place to titillate the reader with an entertaining read.


Sifting through information is much like searching for a grain of sea salt on a very long beach. The overwhelming amount of information available today only makes research that much more difficult. Each detail needs to be checked and rechecked several times. Each kernel needs to be analyzed, held up to the light, before being included. I research, analyze, and prepare results according to your needs.